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Our Mission

Our Mission

Here at Mani and Lola we are all about making life simple. Our nail polish specialist subscription box is designed to simplify the manicure process for those who wish to achieve and maintain flawless nails from the comfort of their own home. We recognise as life-long beauty consumers, that the natural health and look of our nails is something that can be drastically improved with the regular use of a capsule collection of high quality products. Every month our subscribers are able to experiment with products from the UK’s leading cult nail brands, including full-sized nail polishes from the very latest collections. By trusting us to do the research and testing for you, we are able to bring you premium nail products in a cost effective monthly subscription. In each bespoke monthly box, we aim to provide a complete set of professional nail polishes and nail treatments as well as luxury hand care products that cater for all the elements required for a salon perfect manicure. With simple instructions and a regular flow of essential products, we aim to create a completely stress-free, flexible and exciting way to care for your nails.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

We believe in the importance of the small things, which is why we have designed our box to have a luxury feel that is personal and unique. We also firmly believe in the importance of quality, meaning that each monthly edit is hand selected by our team with a huge amount of product research and careful planning. Every aspect of the Mani and Lola box has been designed in-house, and we are dedicated to ensuring that the growth of Mani and Lola is shaped around the needs of our customers and most importantly, your manicure! Our subscription box comes from the creators of Nail Polish Direct, CEO Mamps Thaliwal. With years of research under our belt, we wanted to bring products that we know you will love, directly to your door in a carefully curated, monthly subscription box. Mani and Lola is the product of ten years worth of experience, expertise and passion within the nail industry, as we have developed our manicure and pedicure specialist box with the goal of becoming the UK’s highest quality and the best value for money nail polish subscription box on the market.


CEO, Director

“My passion is to inspire beauty and nail polish consumers with the love that I have for nail polish and the nail industry.”


Mamps is the top dog at Mani and Lola. As our CEO, she is in charge of all executive decisions and steers the direction of the company. With an unrivalled knowledge of the nail industry, Mamps focuses her natural passion for luxury beauty products into sourcing the very best nail polishes and treatments from the leading worldwide nail brands that are available from within the UK. Mamps is a natural born leader which has been harnessed over years of hard work and experience. She provides drive and direction to the team as she oversees the overall development of Mani and Lola as a brand. Mamps now brings her skills and passion to developing a nail polish and nail care subscription box that is both of luxury, professional quality with the ability to provide an outstanding value for money to the consumer.


Brand Manager

“When designing the branding for Mani and Lola, I had a clear vision that I wanted the box to be clean, minimal and modern with a touch of creativity. The best part of my job is designing each individual detail for Mani and Lola and seeing all of the hard work and development finally come together in each monthly box.”


Megan brings a creative flare to Mani and Lola and is responsible for shaping the visual identity of the brand. As our Brand Manager and Creative Designer, she creates all of the artwork and content for Mani and Lola, from our bespoke tissue paper prints to our hand-painted signature monochrome box. With a background in graphic design and illustration, Megan focuses on the development of Mani and Lola and always approaches things from an artistic perspective. She loves to try new things and is always thinking of ways to ensure that Mani and Lola remains innovative and relevant.



“I want to create a brand that is unique and an interface that is easy to navigate for the user. I aim to provide the solutions in order to grow a brand that doesn’t fit the regular mould for a beauty box.”

Georgia is the brains behind the digital strategy of Mani and Lola. As our Cheif Technical Officer, Georgia deals with the logistics of the brand with a strategic approach and a natural passion for problem solving. She dedicates her time to ensuring the user experience of Mani and Lola flows smoothly and is able to provide the key steps in building the foundations of our user interface. With fresh ideas and a ‘get up and go’ attitude, Georgia provides insight and direction of how Mani and Lola is to develop in accordance to the evolving needs of the brand and the online retail industry.


Best Friend

“What’s for lunch?”


Meet Lola! So where did the name, ‘Mani and Lola’ come from? Here she is, our mascot, inspiration and most importantly our friend. Lola spreads joy every time she visits the office, whether she is taking a nap under someone’s desk, or wagging her tail during meetings, Lola makes us all smile. When creating our brand, we wanted to combine our ambitions for creating a professional and luxury beauty box with our personality and our day-to-day lives. Plus we know how much Lola loves to be involved with everything that we do, so we thought why not bring Lola on board! The Mani and Lola subscription box will become your mani’s new best friend, as a monthly perk full of luxuries and surprises. Quite frankly, we want you to approach your manicure routine with a new found enthusiasm and a big smile on your face.

Work With Us

Work With Us

Come and say hello! We would love to hear from you. If you have any enquiries about working with the Mani and Lola team, please don't hesitate to get in contact. We are always open to working with bloggers, brands and press should you wish to discuss a collaboration or a promotional oppurtunity. Contact us via email at